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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Airport employees call indefinite stir

According to The Economic Times .... airport employees have gone on indefinate strike in response to GOI's privatization of Delhi and Mumbai airport.

What is noteworthy is the fact that GOI is not even paying attention to this strike. There could be couple of reasons behind this behaviour. The communist mentors of these trade unions may have already agreed to privatization and it is like giving them a chance to rant. Also AAI is not the only one involved in airport operations, you have CISF, airlines own staff, customs and immigration and ATC working in tandem. That leaves very little that is crucial in the hands of AAI "karamcharis". So, let them shout and cry, airport privatization is on the roll.
If only Communists could agree to privatization of other PSUs.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lockheed Martin may source F-16 parts from HAL

According to The Hindustan Times ..... "American giant Lockheed Martin is looking at the possibility of sourcing components from Hindustan Aeronautics for its popular F-16 fighter aircraft. The US company is also looking at other possibilities for partnership with Indian companies. "...... "As of now, the US company is looking at sourcing of components like forgings and castings from Hindustan Aeronautics. Joint production of fighter aircraft is also under discussion for the long-term. Lockheed is one of the players in the race for supplying fighter aircraft to Indian defence forces."

There are couple of things to be noted!!

  1. First of all F-16 maybe popular, but is certainly not the latest aircraft. How many of them are going to be produced anyway? This seems to be more strategic than anything else.
  2. This is further strengthened by the fact that they are sending forgings and castings initially. Well!! even TELCO will do that for them.
  3. Lastly, it could be a way of familiarizing Indian industry with US airplane components so that future orders for joint production of US aircrafts can be realized.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Air India, Indian Airlines not to be merged, says Minister

Here is an article in The Hindu Business Line that government has absolutely no intention of merging both the state run carriers. The fact that PP said emphatic "No,Sir" in the Parliament adds credibility to the statement. In a way it is a right decision as both of them have swayed away so much that to merge them shall be difficult. All the proponents of the merger basically want an efficient hub and spoke model by either of the provides, and not necessarily a merger.
The best would be if both airlines decide to restrict themselves to their current hub and code share whereever necessary. Another good example would be if both make Frankfurt their scissor hub with IC providing feed from DEL and AI from BOM. They could do the same with other airports in europe.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lufthansa plans to offer more flights :

Lufthansa plans to offer more flights :
Some interesting news about LH increasing its frequencies to BLY to daily, and its Munich-Delhi to daily as well. Plus expansion plans to other cities. Way to go!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

The Hindu Business Line : A-I eyes 30 pc share of traffic, plans more destinations in US

The Hindu Business Line : A-I eyes 30 pc share of traffic, plans more destinations in US
Pretty credible article about AI's future expansion plans to US.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

If India doesn’t allow flights to US, Kingfisher will fly US to India

If India doesn’t allow flights to US, Kingfisher will fly US to India

MUMBAI, JULY 21: Kingfisher Airlines has incorporated a company in the US called Kingfisher International Airlines to enable it to commence its operations from US to India, in case it does not receive approval from the Indian government to fly from India to US.

Commenting on flying its airlines to US, Kingfisher Airlines chairman & managing director Vijay Mallya said, “this is part of our plan B. Our plan A is to seek approval from the Indian government to allow us to fly to US.”

CourtesyThe Financial Express

Sunday, May 01, 2005

US wins the day: A-I wants to wing it with Boeing - The Economic Times

US wins the day: A-I wants to wing it with Boeing - The Economic TimesUS wins the day: A-I wants to wing it with Boeing.MUMBAI: After over 10 years of waffling on its aircraft purchase decision, Indian flag carrier Air-India on Tuesday chose Boeing for a fleet replacement order estimated to cost upwards of Rs 30,000 crore.

The A-I board also approved in principle plans for an IPO.

In a meeting held in Mumbai on Tuesday, the airline board approved the acquisition plan for 35 aircraft, with an option for 15 more. The aircraft will be the mainstay of Air-India’s fleet for the next decade and will be inducted over a seven-year period after the order is placed. The airline has taken a big leap by ordering 27 of the yet-to-be launched Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner,’ which the manufacturer claims offers unmatched fuel efficiency and a 20-30% savings in operating costs.

Boeing 787 will first fly in ’07 and is expected to enter service in ’08. The decision by the Air-India board will have to be cleared first by the Public Investment Board (PIB) and then the Cabinet.

Air-India has ordered eight Boeing 777-200 LR (long range) aircraft, 15 B777-300 ER (extended range) and 27 Boeing 787 aircraft.
The 777 aircraft will be powered by GE engines, while for the 787s, Air-India has to choose between GE and Rolls Royce.


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